maanantai 6. tammikuuta 2014

Updated commission infos and something else

Sorry for just copying my DeviantArt things and texts, but I guess I could upload soon some sketches or maybe even "Kuutti" comic ! But here is what I've been doing now, from DA;

My 2014 first work ;)
Here is me (Lin) and my great friend Meepa. She doesn't have her own fursona yet, but she said lately that she would be a red panda. This scene just came in my mind since I've been wanting to draw something with snow and nice lightnings - and we have been talking every day so much, as usual. :D She doesn't use DA right now but that doesn't stop me dedicating this for her, my friend!

 Aand I updated my commission infos and prizes, just so it's easier to understand and read.

And I'm open for them! If you want to commission me, you can send me an email > linnea.soinne(at)

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