sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

This blog is moving to tumblr!


After thinking this already a while, I decided to move this blog to tumblr.  I considered all the positive things and everything about it carefully, because I really don't like moving and confuse people. I consider tumblr being a better place for an art blog now and in the future. Not just I like how it looks and how you can custom your page, the biggest reason for me is being so connected with people, and new people are able to find you more easily every day. And as I was thinking from the first day I started this blog, "pictures are the main thing in this blog" which means this isn't supposed to be some kind of personal blog where I write about my life. This blog is for my art, and I want to share it with people. In comparison to tumblr, Blogger feels like a closed little place. It's a good place for writing your personal blog for instance.

So for now on I'll be updating my things as usual to tumblr ! I'm trying to learn about it little by little more. As I can't just move every content from here to tumblr, I will leave this blog as it is for now. :) 

I hope you get used to it, and you are welcome to follow me there!

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