sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014


I'm going to post this same thing from my Deviantart, so this is actually redrawn from my very old drawing when I actually started to draw humans .. A few days ago I found myself looking at my own veery old works. Even though it's stupid, I can't help myself getting so embarrased of my own old drawings. : D And then, with a slice of anguish I came across my old drawing 'A girl with purple eyes' .. and compared to my other old works, it had so so many views and Downloads..! Seems like I accidently had put it to be able to download. It had like 150 downloads and over 1000 watches. I was confused, why was that? Was it just because it was able to be downloaded? :D Okay but I was embarrased again. And then I got this idea, to try to redrawn that old piece which I used to like back in the days. I still haven't drawn humans much, but I guess there still is improvement! This was a nice practise, and I had so much fun drawing something personal after 'a long time', I've been so busy with school and works~ I hope you like it !

(and I checked the years for the improvement meme, and it was only 2-3 years between them! I thought it was more..)

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