perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

Dream creatures

As I wrote to my DA account, "It was late night and I just wanted to doodle something without thinking and tried out different things at the same time. I should do doodle-things more often."

Also this ugly guy. Yes, it was ugly, in my dream. I saw a dream where there was a bath tub. In the bath there was swimming these things. Black and slimy. They were big like cats. Their eyes were open all the time, staring from the bath. I took one in my hands, it was slimy, cold, staring. Then I realized it died in my hands, still staring but its eyes looked dead. I put it back in the water but it didn't swim, it just started to sink.

keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

Dream Delusions Launch event

So today was the launch event of the Dream Delusions game which I wrote about yesterday. Here is some pictures from the event, please read my other post for more information, what was my part of the game, links and trailer etc!
The event went great, there was curious people to check the game, and even some children trying out the Oculus Rift, and we also got noticed in the news! This was a good project.

I also did some many packages for the game, and people were able to get them. 
The game will be available in the site very soon.

We did also one 3D print from the characters!

I got some great compliments about the big poster and logo, thank you all very much!

tiistai 17. joulukuuta 2013

Dream Delusions - Game project, coming soon!

Finally tomorrow we are having our games launch event, which is one of our big school projects - Dream Delusions game! I've been working on it by doing the logo for the game, big poster and package for it, and some early concept arts. It has been great! Now I can finally show you these pictures, and you can also find out more about the game from its own blog.

Putting the places ready for tomorrow ..


Here you can see a trailer for the game, and some more information + Dream Delusions own blog. 

 Dream Delusions Trailer


"What is Dream Delusions?

Dream Delusions is game project (2013-2014) for third-year students at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. It’s a third person action game with a unique premise, created for the PC. Protect a young boy from creatures of the night as the boy’s cherished Teddy bear and survive through the night without the nightmares taking over.
Developed by 3D Animation and Visualisation students and first time this year in collaboration with programming and sound design students. The project takes place in Tikkurila, Vantaa.
During the ten week long course this group of 22 students must create a functioning game running on the Unity game engine for the PC, this year’s platform. The game’s concept, assets, development and management are all done by the students with as little help as possible from the teaching staff. The purpose of this course is to have the students learn more about working in a group and with a schedule as well as game development in general. It is also to provide them with future portfolio material.
The game will be playable at 10.30 AM on December 18th at a special launch event in Tikkurila. Everyone is invited to visit us and play the game for themselves. As a special treat, we’ve also added Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support for Dream Delusions. Oculus will be present  at our launch event and we want to invite everyone to experience this great new technology, especially with Dream Delusions."

I'll post some more pictures after tomorrow from the real event. :)

perjantai 13. joulukuuta 2013

My little redpanda Mini Game

Lupasinkin näyttää teille lisää tästä kultapanda minipelistä jota olen harjoittelumielessä rakentanut. Tässä teille lyhyt video siitä miltä se nykyään näyttää. :D Platform pelin rakentaminen on ollut uutta mutta hauskaa~ Vielä puuttuu paljon elementtejä ja animaatioita ja niiden korjailua.

 << Linkki Videoon ! >>

sunnuntai 8. joulukuuta 2013

Making of

Some captures how I made my freeday drawing "Little fairy wolf" :)

Sekä pieni konserttiohjelman kuvitukseni:

tiistai 3. joulukuuta 2013

Commission info

Pitkästä aikaa ! Tein aikoinaan paaaljon tilaustöitä, mutta siitä onkin nyt jo aikaa kun viimeksi tein saati mainostin niitä aktiivisesti. Nyt kun koulu alkaa hiljentyä joulua kohti, uskallan laittaa tämän esille. :) Otan nyt aluksi yhden tilaustyön työn alle näin aluksi, että saan kevyen aloituksen~

Huom, etenkin nyt kun otan vain yhden tilauksen, mietithän ensin mitä haluat ennen yhteydenottoa, ettet varaa ainoaa paikkaa kun vasta pohdit mitä haluaisit. Kysymyksiä saa toki aina lähettää!


Finally I was able to make this for me! I did a loooot of commissions back in the days, but now it has been a long time! School and works has been keeping me busy, but now, I think I can start to do these again because I really want to and I have time for it now.

I hope I remembered all the important things, if I didn't, you can ask anything. :)

To give myself an easy start, I will only take one slot for now. Later on more, if people are interested.
Oh, and one thing if I can ask, please think first what you would like to order and then send me a message, so you are not holding the only slot while thinking. :)

Thank you all!

Kiitos joulukorttien tilaajille! Kortteja voi tilata vielä tämän viikon sunnuntaihin asti. :)