sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014

This blog is moving to tumblr!


After thinking this already a while, I decided to move this blog to tumblr.  I considered all the positive things and everything about it carefully, because I really don't like moving and confuse people. I consider tumblr being a better place for an art blog now and in the future. Not just I like how it looks and how you can custom your page, the biggest reason for me is being so connected with people, and new people are able to find you more easily every day. And as I was thinking from the first day I started this blog, "pictures are the main thing in this blog" which means this isn't supposed to be some kind of personal blog where I write about my life. This blog is for my art, and I want to share it with people. In comparison to tumblr, Blogger feels like a closed little place. It's a good place for writing your personal blog for instance.

So for now on I'll be updating my things as usual to tumblr ! I'm trying to learn about it little by little more. As I can't just move every content from here to tumblr, I will leave this blog as it is for now. :) 

I hope you get used to it, and you are welcome to follow me there!

sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014


I'm going to post this same thing from my Deviantart, so this is actually redrawn from my very old drawing when I actually started to draw humans .. A few days ago I found myself looking at my own veery old works. Even though it's stupid, I can't help myself getting so embarrased of my own old drawings. : D And then, with a slice of anguish I came across my old drawing 'A girl with purple eyes' .. and compared to my other old works, it had so so many views and Downloads..! Seems like I accidently had put it to be able to download. It had like 150 downloads and over 1000 watches. I was confused, why was that? Was it just because it was able to be downloaded? :D Okay but I was embarrased again. And then I got this idea, to try to redrawn that old piece which I used to like back in the days. I still haven't drawn humans much, but I guess there still is improvement! This was a nice practise, and I had so much fun drawing something personal after 'a long time', I've been so busy with school and works~ I hope you like it !

(and I checked the years for the improvement meme, and it was only 2-3 years between them! I thought it was more..)

sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2014

Study materials for schoolers project

Here is one of the projects which I was doing during summer for the Finnish Newspapers Association. There is three different sets for the classes 1-6. One for 1-2, second 3-4 and 5-6. Every set has its own dog character :3 Here you'll see the cover sheets, one page for each and my illustrations for them, I will upload all the pages later in my Portfolio site.


Koitan muistaa myös Suomen lukijoita välillä suomen kielellä! Eli nyt voin näyttää yhden viime kesänä tehdyistä töistäni Sanomalehtien Liitolle. Suunnittelin ja toteutin ulkoasut 1-6 luokkalaisille "tehtäväpasseiksi", joissa joka luokkaryhmällä on oma hahmonsa. Sain suunnitella hahmot itse, mikä oli kivaa! Eri eläinlajien pyörittelyn jälkeen päädyin koiriin, sillä ala-astelaisten on helppo samaistua niihin, monilla ehkä on oma koira, ja erilaisten hahmojen keksiminen onnistuu helposti. Tässä kansilehdet, yhdet sivut ja kuvitukset, laitan myöhemmin portfoliooni kaikki tehtäväsivutkin.

keskiviikko 17. syyskuuta 2014


Dundu duu.. why is it so different or even hard to draw with other pen tablet than your very own? Even if mine is so much older.. new ones feels so scratching or non sharp. Or are they all just so damaged what we have at school? :D

Sketching while waiting.

perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2014

Little Fox animation

 Eli sain kuin sainkin lyhyen animaationi valmiiksi! En osannut vielä tehdä "play" painiketta, joten animaatio pyörähtää käyntiin heti linkkiä painettua, jolloin jos nettiyhteytesi ei ole täydellinen, saattaa animaatio hieman pätkiä ekalla pyörityskerralla.

Tämä on oikeastaan Ensimmäinen 'kunnon' animaatio minkä olen tehnyt, ensimmäistä kertaa avasin Flashin, ja itse työskentelyaikaa oli vain noin viikko - kahden viikon Flashin harjoittelun jälkeen. Joten, se ei tosiaan ole täydellinen taidonnäytteeni, mutta ainakin hauska, ja hauska tehdä, ja opin paljon! Ensi kerralla sitten vielä paremmin, oli nimittäin aika innostavaa päästä vihdoinkin animoimaan muutenkin kuin gif kokeiluja. Ja ihan layerit animointiohjelmassa? Nice! Enhän oikeastaan käyttänyt itse Flashia hahmojen animointiin koska piirsin ne frame-by-frame tekniikalla ihan photoshopissa, mutta muuten Flash oli kätevä työkalu animaation kasaamiseen ja taustoihin.
Taustalla soivan musiikin soitti tätini, iso kiitos hänelle myös!


There it is! I might still fix it later but, today was the deadline to get it ready to show. If you have bad internet connection it might lag when you open it for the first time since it starts to play it right away and downloads it at the same time .. I didn't know how to make a 'play' for it ..

Anyway, short animation done for a school project, "Animated Christmas card for our school Metropolia" 
It's actually my first finished 'bigger' animation, and my first time using flash, AND we had only like one week time to actually work on this after 2 weeks of learning to use the program. Now I'm done with the excuses, it's not perfect but at least it was fun to do and more fun to learn! Next time I'll be wiser. The music is played by my aunt, many thanks for her too!

> Here is the link<


sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Fox animation

Lyhyen animaation väkertäminen jatkuu.. frame-by-frame ! Harmi vain että tähän on annettu aikaa enää vain vaivainen viikko, joten ei ehdi tekemään ihan sellaista jälkeä ja lopputulosta kuin haluaisi. Saas nähdä millainen tästä loppupeleissä syntyy, ohjelman käyttöäkin vasta opettelen.

Still working on my short frame-by-frame animation! Too bad we have only like one week time to finish this, so you can't really do it just the way you would like to because of time. We'll see what I can do, I'm still learning to use the programs for it.

torstai 4. syyskuuta 2014

Announcements of the International Literacy Day illustrations

 Nyt sain aikaa päivittää nämä blogiinkin, eli tällä viikolla sanomalehdissä pyörii Kansainväliset lukutaitopäivän ilmoitukset kuvituksieni kera!

I posted these on my Facebook page already. So during this week there is going to be Announcements of the International Literacy Day over the Finnish newspapers - with my illustrations on them! It was very nice to work on this :) Looking forward to see these on paper

maanantai 1. syyskuuta 2014

Animation course

Animaatiokurssia varten tehty luonnos kuvakäsikirjoitus mitä mahdollisesti olisin tekemässä.

Sketch storyboard for my animation course ~


keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

My new character

Just a few days and my school will continue again...!

Here is my late night inspiration for a character which came into my mind and I had to draw it! Need to draw more of her ~

Aand I had a raffle on my Deviantart page where I asked my watchers to give me their character and two random non living things. Then I raffled the character, and the things. So I ended up drawing a character for Pyttis, with a mug and cottoncandy! And I added some wind too.

 When my school starts, let's see if I get out my sketch book again ..


torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

Painting - for me!

I got it ready! I needed a painting for my home decoration - so I made the painting!
I've been decorating with black & white & little bit of yellow. Also, I really like detailed lineart works of flowers etc, so I wanted to try add that style in it.
I'll show you this later again with frames and on my wall!

I might still change and fix something, since I might get critical before putting it on my wall. :P It's not easy to do a painting for your own wall for decoration, it can be the hardest thing to do. But I had a ready idea in my mind so it helped a lot.

sunnuntai 10. elokuuta 2014


 I'm back in action, and my trip was Great! Still having some vacation time before my last year on school and other things.



~ ~ ~ ~