maanantai 14. heinäkuuta 2014

Finished new work - Unseen

I had this topic on DeviantArt, where I asked people to give me their character for a drawing which is not a dog / cat / human. Even though I had more than enough work things to draw and other things, I was just eager to draw something different and for someone. I have this little 'rule' for me, day time - is for important work drawings, but night time I can draw what I want. :3 so, I've already put this on my DeviantArt and Facebook art page but here it is for here too. The character is Berneri's Jokull.

early WIP

And the final version

On DeviantArt in bigger size

What I have noticed is, drawing is so much easier and nicer when you decide your color palette Before drawing. For here too, I was thinking about the colors what I want to draw, looking for winter photographs, color palettes, etc. Then when I knew the colors, it was just easier to start. Some of you this might be like - of course - but for me, I haven't usually done it. But yeah, it's so much fun to draw when you get inspiration from colors.

Now I should get some sleep!

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