keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2014

Old and new

As I've been drawing my childhood monsters again, now here is one of my I could say first full character from my childhood 2005, redrawn! I created him for a role playing game forum which yess was one of my hobbies back in the days, I was 12 year old. :D (In case you don't know what forum based role playing means, it's simply where you write stories about your own character with other people and everyone continues the story with their own characters point of view.) During that time I started to draw A Lot on computer also.

I think it's fun to put your not just old drawing next to a new one, now there is my child's mind creation also, and how 'it would look now'.


And also, I got a commission to draw these two well known characters together - for a tattoo! This commissioner was my relative, and he wanted to have these characters in a friendly hug. So here is the picture of it

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