maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2014

Welcome to my new Facebook (Art) page!

Okayyyyy I did it ! Twitter didn't feel like a my thing at least yet, so - now I have my own Facebook like/following page dedicated to only my drawing stuff. I've been thinking and wanting to create active page where new people can find it easily, share it, comment, like, follow - like in sosial media. Places like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, feels like an "open area" where new people are able to see you every day. I wanted to make that happen, meet new people, share my art, get requests, share my advices and talk to people.

You are free to follow me by clicking the Like button, welcome ! My name there is "Art by Linnea Soinne" and the url link is

Happy Bouncer

( and feel free to come talk to me Nod revamp  )

~ Linnea / Linzu

That was copy-paste from my DeviantArt page which I just wrote. And what I can say here, this doesn't affect my blog at all, I will be updating both of them and the contents will be a bit different. I think I will also update there my blog posts, so it also helps people to follow easily everything what I update.

Aand here is something from my sketch book;

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  1. great!i'll follow you there too! :)

  2. Hello there, nice to hear that! I think following by Facebook will be so much easier. :)