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Dream Delusions - Game project, coming soon!

Finally tomorrow we are having our games launch event, which is one of our big school projects - Dream Delusions game! I've been working on it by doing the logo for the game, big poster and package for it, and some early concept arts. It has been great! Now I can finally show you these pictures, and you can also find out more about the game from its own blog.

Putting the places ready for tomorrow ..


Here you can see a trailer for the game, and some more information + Dream Delusions own blog. 

 Dream Delusions Trailer


"What is Dream Delusions?

Dream Delusions is game project (2013-2014) for third-year students at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. It’s a third person action game with a unique premise, created for the PC. Protect a young boy from creatures of the night as the boy’s cherished Teddy bear and survive through the night without the nightmares taking over.
Developed by 3D Animation and Visualisation students and first time this year in collaboration with programming and sound design students. The project takes place in Tikkurila, Vantaa.
During the ten week long course this group of 22 students must create a functioning game running on the Unity game engine for the PC, this year’s platform. The game’s concept, assets, development and management are all done by the students with as little help as possible from the teaching staff. The purpose of this course is to have the students learn more about working in a group and with a schedule as well as game development in general. It is also to provide them with future portfolio material.
The game will be playable at 10.30 AM on December 18th at a special launch event in Tikkurila. Everyone is invited to visit us and play the game for themselves. As a special treat, we’ve also added Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support for Dream Delusions. Oculus will be present  at our launch event and we want to invite everyone to experience this great new technology, especially with Dream Delusions."

I'll post some more pictures after tomorrow from the real event. :)

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  1. Kattelin just koulussa, että noi näyttää niiiiiin ultimaattisen siisteille! Teidän koulutusohjelman jutut on siellä aulassa niin paljon paremmin edustettuina kuin vaatetusalan :D

    1. Heips kiitos! Ja toi on kyllä totta, teidän olemassaoloa ei edes nää kun olette niin 'eri puolella' rakennusta vaikka silti ihan lähellä. Kyllä vaan mun ja monen muun mielestä olisi kiva nähdä teidänkin tuotoksia :)